93 Countries
546 Cities globally
138,000 Apartments worldwide
94% Guest Satisfaction

Born Out of the Mind of a Maverick

Nothing Thiago Hahn, the founder of Skyline, ever does is conventional. He is blessed with a true entrepreneurial spirit and the ability to lead people and shake things up. New to London, he started working within the property sector, forged great relationships, expanded businesses for other people, and then decided he could do it better.

In 2009 Skyline Worldwide was born. A business focused on the growth market of serviced apartments. Driven to provide a great experience for guests, Thiago competed to win not only the contracts of great clients, but also to source and acquire distinguished properties within London. He also went out and head hunted the best within the business, and with his charm and ambition has created a dynamic team.

With this expansion in mind, in 2012 Skyline opened a Sao Paulo branch, which would act as the Latin American headquarters for the business. This was followed in 2015 with Skyline making its presence felt in South Africa with a Johannesburg office. This local, on the ground knowledge makes Skyline a highly attractive proposition for clients and offers them a great deal of assurance and control.

Now in 2016, a mere 6 years on from inception, Skyline is ready to step to the next level.

Our Values

Trust and Credibility

At Skyline Worldwide we know that a great product is just the beginning. Our business is founded on long lasting, mutually profitable relationships, built through total transparency and dedication in everything we do. Our clients choose to partner with us because we consistently exceed their expectations, both for quality of product and delivery of service.

Uncompromising Quality

Our serviced apartments are of the highest quality and come at the most competitive prices. We constantly strive to ensure that our clients obtain the best possible accommodation when they need it and at the right price.

Personal Approach

We pride ourselves on offering a personal and tailored approach based on our clients unique needs and circumstances.

Innovation and Creativity

We have invested in the best technology and systems on the market to enable our team to respond to clients’ requests efficiently and for clients to have access to live data 24/7. Skyline Worldwide continues to work with each client to develop new tools and facilitate the process and management of the entire accommodation process to its clients.

Service Excellence

At Skyline Worldwide service excellence is our company strategy and it begins and ends with our team. We provide our customers with a unique experience by proactively anticipating their needs and expectations. We are constantly measuring our guest satisfaction, acting upon their feedback and continuously improving on our processes to offer the very best product and services we can.

Responsive Account Management

At Skyline we are here to push the boundaries of the guest experience. To add innovative services and listen to what guests want. We constantly monitor feedback, adapt to the needs of the client and the market.

We feel in any business or market you cannot stand still. Our business intelligence systems and fully integrated reporting, along with regular account reviews ensure Skyline continue to offer the very best in customer care and account management.

94% of our guests rated their stay as good, great or excellent in our guest satisfaction survey!

Based On Integrity

As a global provider of corporate accommodations, we know that our activities affect the communities and environments we operate in. We therefore seek to ensure that we make a positive difference everywhere we operate and across all aspects of our business through our policies and practices.

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