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546 Cities globally
138,000 Apartments worldwide
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What We Do

From the globally renowned ‘by Skyline Worldwide’ brand of exclusive high-quality serviced apartments to a complete range of apartments through our trusted suppliers’ network, we are dedicated to meeting your accommodation needs, all the time, every time, based always on our insistence on quality.

At Skyline Worldwide your needs and requirements are our focus: this defines our company. Not only do we provide handpicked apartments and excellent customer service but our flexibility also allows us to work together with each client to develop the most suitable solution for all their corporate accommodation needs.

Each Skyline Worldwide team member is experienced, friendly, approachable and confident in their ability to guide their clients every time towards the best serviced apartment for their unique requirements.

It is our commitment to the highest standards of service and quality, coupled with our completely personalised service and tailored range of solutions created to fully manage the entire accommodation process for each client, which sets us apart.

Welcome to the future of Temporary Living!

What Makes A Skyline Apartment Different?

Serviced Apartments by Skyline Worldwide

By Skyline Apartments meet an impeccable standard of quality, they are newly built, modern serviced accommodation in sought-after locations, a stylish space for life and work.

A responsive team that deals with the whole process is always on hand, from making bookings, to our guest services manager personally checking your room, from being greeted and shown around, having access to our 24 helpline if any need occurs, to ensuring your check out goes smoothly. We are here for you the whole way.

Some of the key features we offer:

  • Key central locations
  • New and modern apartments with high-quality fittings and furnishings
  • Full-size kitchens, including dishwasher and washer and drier in the majority of our buildings
  • Daily or weekly housekeeping service
  • A safe in every apartment
  • A welcome basket on arrival, including basic amenities such as toiletries and dish-washer tablets
  • Complimentary wireless broadband
  • 24-hour reception in the majority of our buildings
  • Complimentary 24-hour meet & greet and key delivery service, 365 days a year
  • Multi-lingual 24-hour global helpdesk
  • Flexible payment terms and invoicing methods
  • Flexible payment terms and invoicing methods
  • Consolidated invoicing
  • Multi-currency billing
  • Customised reporting

Finding You A Perfect Match

Approved Partner’s Network

As well as the By Skyline brand of quality serviced apartments, we work with our network of approved partners across Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), and in Latin America (LATAM) to bring you an expanding portfolio of over 105,000 properties.

Each one is operated by providers who share Skyline’s commitment to quality, service and attention to the details that make a difference.

  • Single point of contact/team
  • Enhanced property assessment by our supply chain team
  • Flexible payment terms and invoicing methods
  • An experienced team of consultants to guide you through every step of the process
  • Personal visits by our supply chain team
  • Consolidated invoicing
  • Key cities across 70 countries globally
  • Complete monitoring of suppliers on a quarterly basis
  • Multi-currency billing
  • Full range of apartments to suit all clients’ needs and budgets
  • Competitive rates negotiated annually
  • Customised reporting
  • Full supply chain support to research new locations
  • Multi-lingual 24-hour global helpdesk

Making It Easy For You

Corporate Accommodations Programme Management

In the fast developing world of global mobility, we at Skyline have the insight, tools and technology to simplify all your corporate accommodation needs.

This helps you to focus on what matters – taking care of your assignees while they take of your business.

Our award winning team’s know-how, networks and tailored support mean you can navigate, change and streamline your approach with our personalised industry-leading programme management service.

  • Personal account management
  • Dedicated Client Manager, reservations and operations team
  • Key cities across over 70 countries globally
  • Full range of apartments to suit all client needs and budgets
  • Full supply chain support to research new locations
  • Enhanced property assessment by our supply chain team
  • Personal visits by our supply chain team
  • Complete monitoring of suppliers on a quarterly basis
  • Multi-lingual 24-hour global helpdesk and reservations
  • Full access to Skyline Analytics
  • Advanced online technology booking portal
  • Enhanced customised reporting 24-hour live data tracking
  • Special and flexible payment terms
  • Consolidated billing Multi-currency billing
  • Guest contents insurance when booking through Skyline Worldwide

Long Term Solutions

Lease Management

Global assignments are increasing annually, either for projects, short term assignments, relocation or business travel. Our lease management service could therefore be the ideal solution.

We constantly track market trends and monitor cost differentials so we can advise on the options that best suit your long-term needs. We negotiate rentals, furnish apartments and of course continue to deliver Skyline Worldwide’s award-winning and unparalleled personal service.

Our turnkey solution is particularly effective for clients who move people regularly to the same destination and for the wide range of global mobility assignment types and durations, i.e. business travel, extended business travel, job rotation and career development.

If you know the number of apartments you need each year, let Skyline Worldwide’s team handle everything, saving you both time and money managing multiple moves.

  • Complete analysis report of client needs
  • Comparison of long leases with other models for decision purposes
  • A range of options: turnkey, staff housing, relocation, etc
  • Cost savings of up to 40% in some cases and turnkey opportunities
  • Dedicated project management teams
  • New market research
  • Lease negotiation
  • Operational management (including cleaning, maintenance, utilities)
  • Bill management
  • Turnover control – reservations
  • Multi-lingual 24-hour global helpdesk
  • Flexible payment terms and invoicing methods
  • Consolidated invoicing
  • Multi-currency billing
  • Customised reporting

Sharing Our Knowledge With You

Consultancy by Skyline Worldwide

Today relocation is an aspiration, expectation and reality for an increasing number of people.

Getting the right accommodation is a vital first step in a successful assignment. Skyline can support your company by offering our cost-effective and possibly fee-free research and market overviews providing accurate insight into managing your company’s serviced accommodation needs.

  • National and international knowledge
  • Experienced team to analyse and understand current requirements
  • Supply chain research and support
  • Insight into a range of accommodation types and services that best suit your needs
  • A variety of apartment categories across all budgets
  • Special project rates
  • Full project analysis with comparisons to support clients in their decision making
  • New markets and remote locations development
  • Viability study for new business
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