Why Serviced Apartments

Since 2010 the global supply of serviced apartments has increased significantly, around 60% according to latest reports. As a measure of the sector’s success serviced apartments have now superseded hotels as the preferred choice of business travellers.

We have never travelled more than today. We’ve become more intrepid, independent and with our every busying lives we seek increased comfort within the new environments in which our business takes us.

Over three quarters of the 77% of British assignees who stay in serviced apartments up to five times annually prefer them to hotels.

Serviced apartments increased popularity ties in with our ever-evolving attitudes to life and work. Many of today’s travellers, assignees and their families want to be more independent and to integrate into local ways of life. Serviced apartments offer clients freedom to seamlessly blend personal needs and interests with their new location and work, not to mention significant advantages in terms of space and comfort. With several rooms i.e. sitting room, bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, etc. as opposed to a single hotel room or suite, a serviced apartment is the perfect base for guests and perhaps their families to feel happy and relaxed in their new location.

Employers, relocation teams and global managers are increasingly recognizing the clear advantages that serviced apartments offers over hotels - all the attractive elements of a hotel but for less cost. On average, nightly rates for corporate accommodation is around 25 to 30% less than equivalent standard hotel rooms.

Skyline Worldwide tailors your accommodation to suit you and your assignees’ requirements offering a range of options and flexibility that hotel operators simply cannot.

Our consistently high level of service, wide inventory of high quality serviced apartments and tiered range of bespoke solutions quite simply gives you a better choice.

We also make it easier and more convenient for you to track assignees and deliver on your duty of care, as well as monitor policy compliance, through our unique client online platform.

Skyline Worldwide offers your employees the perfect solution reducing the extra costs and administration of expenses associated with hotels, i.e. room service, laundry and business centre services.

Our serviced apartments are all designed to meet your specific needs. Housekeeping is often included as standard, together with the benefit and convenience of home comforts, such as laundry facilities, local transport connections and where required, concierge support, proximity to schools and local amenities.

Whilst the rapidly growing popularity of serviced apartments is certainly due partly to value for money and cost control, Skyline Worldwide and our partners demonstrate daily that this does not have to affect quality of service, in fact quite the opposite.